Finalist - Smart Dock Competition 2014


Finalist in the Smart Dock competition 2014, Brooklyn NY How does a finite interstitial space become infinite? Mobility, flexibility: infinite combinations of work, play, and research. Expandable configurations that adapt to the Smart Dock, the New Lab, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Central Park, Sheboygan, Mexico City, Fiji, Romania, or South Africa. Pods The three moveable pods offer infinite configuration and contain work space, power, storage, energy generation, and can be deployed easily anywhere in the world. The backs can be used for pin-ups, presentations, and exhibitions. The meet pod can be a mobile exhibition space, a bar and café, a marketplace, or an urban farm. The pods can be lowered via gantry crane and set up within the New Lab or easily transported further afield. Mezzanine Contains research areas, offices, lounging/eating, and a kitchen. The kitchen provides ample grow space for fruit and vegetables. Mounted on rails and wheeled columns, they can be expanded or retracted to either provide more work space or more projection space.