New Town, Kent


This redevelopment of the 9 hectare former chalk quarry redefines suburban living. With high-speed rail services to London and Paris, there is an opportunity to create a new town paradigm. We worked on the first third of the overall site, in conjunction with two other practices, Proctor + Matthews and S333. Our area of detail extended along the bottom of the site, called the 'Southern Quarter'. Here we created a waterfront living concept with a wide mix of dense flats, small cottages, medium size family homes, and large villas. Each of these areas was given a title and theme, with the main waterfront area becoming the 'Wharf', and the small cottages were tightly packed in the 'Lanes'. We worked with the client to produce a huge level of detail from an overall masterplan, to worked-up plans of individual units. We produced a series of three large booklets, outlining the masterplan, density, and character areas, along with design 'rules', and finally a booklet of individual house designs. (While employed at Spacecraft)