The Spine House


Completed Budget £ 350,000 New residential This stunning design for a four-bedroom detached residence in Blackheath was granted planning permission in six weeks, a record time. The 220m² house incorporates the concept of 'served' and 'servant' spaces by creating a rough, stone-like 'spine' wall containing all the servant spaces of horizontal and vertical circulation, kitchen, bathrooms, and storage. The served spaces are then completely free to weave back and forth through the spine and create a unimpeded flow through the house as well as a complex series of inside, outside, and in between spaces. This is further amplified by the use of sliding, folding glass doors which blur the lines of the rooms. The living spaces are marked by the dramatic perforated brass cladding which stands proud of the wall behind, creating the visual play of lightness in contrast to the rough texture of the spine wall.