Deloitte, Shoe Lane
Fit-out for Deloitte's corporate offices (while at ttsp)
This £1.5 million refurbishment of Deloitte's Shoe Lane premises in the City of London incorporated two unique features in the core of the building.

Requiring swift access between floors, a stair was proposed to service members of the same team. We felt as it was centre stage we should highlight this movement through suspending of the stair on cables from above. Working in conjunction with engineers Whitby Bird, we devised a solution that enabled a simple stair to be suspended with a series of stainless steel cables but not create a feeling of movement, a concern that the client had.

Each floor required a vending area to provide refreshments to the employees as well as a home for the copiers and printers. Working with a very tight budget, we came up with the solution to make the vending "pod" demountable and fully portable, thus allowing Deloitte to easily move the pod to any new location, thus saving the great expense of rebuilding during their frequent changes of premises. We separated the pod in to two "zones", the wet zone (tea point) and the dry zone (copier area). Mirroring that fact on the facade, we repeated a series of images that were wet (ocean waves) and dry (sand dunes). Subtle imagery on the outside gives way to exciting colours on the inside by emblazoning Deloitte's signature tropical blue on the inside walls. The furniture was also demountable, and customised to allow for the small items to all have a home: cups, tea bags, and sugar all have their own place, helping to keep the area clean throughout the day.
Concept sketches
Concept sketches
Concept image for the "wet zone" of the vending pod; ocean waves
Concept image for the "dry zone" of the vending pod; sand dunes
Layout plan showing central area containing the stair and vending pod
View of suspended stair
View of suspended stair from above
Detail view of suspended stair
Demountable vending pod
Demountable "wet zone" furniture; tea and coffee point, sink, and storage
Detail of demountable "wet zone" furniture; customised storage for cups, tea bags, sugar and discarded material
Section of suspended stair