As part of our position on the LHC Framework, we have just won a tender take-off from Hillingdon Council to rethink and replace existing scout huts across the borough. Working with super tight budgets we have formulated a design that is the most cost-efficient possible whilst creating playful, robust, and interesting space for air, sea and land scouts; our next generation.
Spread across six different sites within Hillingdon, the task was to bring the project through RIBA stages 0-4. Working closely with Hillingdon Council, the project brief was to address the needs of the Scout Groups, obtain planning permission and to prepare a tender package for the demolition and rebuilding of the scout huts.
The initial consultation with the client and stakeholders began with understanding how the building was currently used by the scout groups, and how it could be improved. The scout activities include a series of ball games, cooking activities, and learning exercises. Further investigations and conversations revealed that the scout groups routinely play ball games at high level with limited space.  We suggested a large hall space with an open ceiling using a system of timber chords and placement of high level windows so that the inner walls of the building could be utilised. Playful placement of window levels to give an interest to the building facade. Aluminium purple window frames and purple vinyl flooring matches the Scouts colour insignia. Proposals such as lightweight metal roofing, single skin block with pretreated Scottish timber, a mono pitch structure, and coloured aluminium window frames all work towards reduction of expense whilst creating delightful architecture.

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